Friends! Family! Local lunatics! At long last, it’s time we give up!

We’ve got nothing! We’ve  tried for too long and gone far enough! We’ve got no reason go on trying so hard, we’ve got no reason to go on living!

But take heart my friends, my family, the lucklessness of life shall again remind us the listlessness of death: we’ve got no reason not to live! So let’s quit and accept this optimistic cynicism that allows us to dance around the bonfire of our Earth!

Friends, we’ve got to wake up, we’ve got to tell the kids the truth before it gets any worse! Look around! Rich men are bombing countries you can’t find on a map. The police are wearing armor and the girls are carrying knives. We’re a country at war! We’re a country at war with ourselves! A war between those who say there is a war and those who say there isn’t. And aren’t you tired of it? Tired of having to choose between cocks or glocks. Him or Her. Us or them. Where is anyone finding energy to keep the fight up? Where is anyone finding the hubris to think the world is good versus bad, light versus dark, man versus mud? It’s the real Goddamned world! You can’t pick a side of this sphere, you can’t hide in the corner of this circle

Whatever! No one’s got the energy to care about all this! No one’s got the time to think about the collective good! Let’s tell the truth and stop trying to lay claim to some great purpose or worth, you don’t matter and neither does your mother! Come on, it’s time we stop bogging ourselves down with feigned counciousess and collectively endorse the canonization of apathy!

We can’t live as if our lives has value while still glancing over our shoulders to see children bombed in their beds as we do nothing. You can’t lay claim to humanity’s greatness while having knowledge of mothers who watched as sons were sold. I mean come on! How many people must croke outside your supermarket to prove a single human life is worth less than a loaf of bread? How many people must die to prove a man’s dick is always bigger than his dignity?

That’s it, we’ve got no reputation to protect, so stop worrying about humanities blunders. We are all but insignificant blemishes on the horrid portrait of humanity’s sneer. Our perversions and expensive tastes can do no more damage to the reputation of mankind than the millennia of subjugation and violence that’s been our prologue. I don’t have time to get worked up, there’s a stranger doing magic tricks on the corner outside! No one has time to worry, there’s someone in a bar telling a joke that will make you pee your pants at this very moment!

My friends, let go of whatever pride you found in being human, stop thinking we have innate value and purpose. To hell with us! There can be no rationality or respect for the species that produced both Gandhi and Stalin. It’s time we scream the truth from a trash covered street corner: there is no species more guilty than mankind and there is nothing more embarrassing than being alive!

There is no species more guilty than mankind and there is nothing more embarrassing than being alive!

Whatever! That’s all we can do about what’s already happened, so let’s go and try not to do any more harm! Let’s choose to rejoice in the triviality of our inevitable end as we march into the desolation of our future. Leave the well fitting slacks and grab the fireworks, our curiosity and indifference will ensure our amusement. Let’s go and apologize to strangers about the times our grandfathers killed their grandmothers then drink until the sun consumes the earth!

Friends! Family! Local lunatics! Take heart, we’re all alone, we’re all an embarrassment, and we all only got each other to lose!  Forget about your temporal hopes, abandon all your financial dreams, we’ve got nothing to lose when we admit we’ve already lost everything. Let’s go, we’ve got to see the world before it’s finished burning, we’ve got to find a new best friend before they lose themselves to the chaos of their favorite habit. We’ve got the chance to die in the inferno of our choice, let’s leap into the arms of lovers and libraries before they turn to ash! Let us at last dedicate the best of our efforts to being anything but miserable. Let’s live for the sake of joy; for Sunday brunch and properly fitting underwear and watching stunning sunsets from the bus stop.

Now’s our chance! Past lovers! Future suitors! Your day will never ring with meaning so let’s finally sound our own bells. The brevity of our lives invites us live with intent and curiosity. Let’s be multiplied by our singularity, exalted by our inconsequence! Never again will you be given a mind so hungry, a freedom so whole, a life so small it can only belong to you!


March 1

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