The Creature

The creature was a crisp red, almost the color of blood but too bright to be exact. It crept along the cinderblock wall with a lurching intensity. It moved as though it were hurt, as though it desired relief. It looked at Lily as though she were relief.

As Lily stood in the center of the unkept grass she held eye contact with the beast, ensuring not to lose awareness of it at any given moment. Lily felt the sense the monster had for her, not so much a desire for meat or a carnal want to destroy but a real longing — as though it needed merely her touch. The blue-eyed-hell-mouth looked at her with sultry eyes and slithering fingers.

It’s size was twice that of she and its width seemed to grow and shrink with each step. It left a trail on the top of the fence of pus, some kind of oozing oder sticking to the cement and sizzling just a little. Lily watched this, waiting for a sign of change a warning of when it might attack. But she knew all too well that the thing did not want to attack her, it just wanted her. As a captive? A prisoner? Some prize? Was she a trophy to even Lucifer’s dog? As she considered the eternal insult of sensuality the thing stopped, stood on it’s hind legs, perched on the wall; arms curled, claws furled, eyes locked with hers. They stood there as the two of them. A women of clear elegance looking right at some dripping slug crawled up from the depths of sewer-swimming pools.

The two of them so different in pose, so opposite in entirety it made their only resemblance all the more striking: deep blue eyes unlike any other living thing. Not a sky blue or a sweet blue, but a cruel and thick blue. Lily had always hated the intensity of her halting eyes, but as it were they had hypnotized the beast, and the beast had hypnotized her. She began to perspire, seconds into the stillness she was frozen and her body began to tighten, her skin heating itself, attempting to climb out of it’s own pours. The two of them now dripping and dying, looking into some vast blue seas of each others beastliness.

Lily looked at the thing with a knowledge that it needed her, the beast looked at her with a longing to rival that of a lover’s last look. It more than needed her, it craved her, it loathed the air between them, it loathed the space that might remain no matter how tightly it gripped her. The beast was addicted to a touch it had yet to know.

Lily and the beast waited seconds more before the thing moved again, and as it did Lily stayed still staring into its cosmic eyes. The beast lowered itself from the wall, onto the same grass that tickled Lily now. It approached tentatively although still obviously irked by any motion in its muscles. As it came closer Lily stood as a stone, unmoved by the horrid arachnid-like mass that came near. In moments it was only a meter from her, the monster again paused to look into Lily’s eyes. This time it’s pupils dilated, its oceanic retinas became all consuming, it’s face the size of her whole self. She peered into its. Still the same shape she had always been, still aware of the trail it left behind, still locked into a staring contest with an abyss.

The monster, quite aware of Lily’s unmoved tenacity began to cross the last meter with great care, holding all along the stare into her eyes, as if asking with each movement if it had permission to come nearer, though it was never granted any.

Finally the thing loomed just an inch from her feet. The two, nearly touching, stood for just a moment more, just long enough for the both of them to remember where they were. Both of them to consider the time they had claimed as their own. With one breath of undirected reflection the beast made its final move, a lurch.

But was this was no mere lurch, this was a creepy dripping reach. This was a sudden and sultry grasp. This was the desperation of a man clinging to his edge, a last attempt et al. This was all at once and lasted a very long time, this was a lurch to take something from you, to hurt something in you. The creatures lurch was the melodic cue of Lily’s final breath. Within her closing moment she held her benediction as some crisp red creature consumed her in a single gulp.

When Lily finished praying, the monster took his coat and offered no amen.

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